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Applied Charisma Technology

Soft-Skills. Hard-Wired.

The most advanced, field-tested, self-evolving charisma system ever developed.

A complete program that will improve the way you connect with anyone for years to come. With step-by-step instruction that will guide you from simple principles to sophisticated interactions in record time.

It's rapid identity-level change that lasts and becomes a part of who you are. Letting the real you shine through without even having to think about what to say or do next.

The Applied Charisma Technology Immersive Online Network

We’ve created an immersive experience that internalizes these lessons for you. You don't simply want these skills on command. You want to become them in all areas of your life. Focusing on one important principle at a time. Repeating lessons at a cadence that’s scientifically proven to help you retain information long term.​


In order to be truly charismatic, you need to show up in the world in a powerful way. Once you learn about presence, your days of fading into the social background are officially behind you.

Presence teaches you how to radiate cool and attract social attention (rather than begging or seeming desperate). Whether you want to be James Bond cool or Tony Stark outrageous, you'll be the one nobody can take their eyes off of. Be social dynamite and instantly magnetic with the presence of a star.

In this first section, we go light on theory and heavy on practice. It's the stuff that you can just instantly apply and see massive improvement in your life.


With charm, you can start doing what others say you can't. It's the ultimate status symbol when you can command the inexplicable feelings of comfort and warmth you create in others. Create space for them and watch them open doors for you like never before.


This section teaches you how to comfortably talk to people at a depth you’ve probably never experienced before.

They'll go from "Who are you?" to "I need you." in record time. Create long lasting friendships or partnerships. Learn how to bond with people and develop deep rapport. Make flaky friends a thing of the past and always have someone to call up for favor or a chat nobody else could get.


Belief brings everything you've learned so far together into a powerful system for your inner self. Become the master of your own destiny. Write your own story of your life and invite others along the way. Develop a resilience and tenacity so powerful that nothing can stand in the way of your social success.

Become Unbreakable in the face of adversity and triumph like you never have before with an unstoppable force behind you.


Make your life more interesting. Forget stumbling over what to say next in a conversation, or telling jokes that drop like lead balloons.

The art of spontaneity will teach you how to make small talk with strangers, tell stories to new friends, or make a whole room burst into laughter.

You'll also learn how to break free of society's rules in a way that you'll be looked to as a leader and people will want to follow you and help you achieve amazing things. 


Learn how to use your wit to take command of situations and create the reaction you want whether it’s riotous laughter or gasps of amazement.  

Lead others into a better life without manipulation or force. Create throngs of happy followers willing to help you on your mission in life. You can't do it all alone, so use these powerful tools to build a team and change the world.


Attitude is where your belief and skills meet the real world. Never have a wall flower or shy guy moment again. Learn how you can feel indifference to the lows of life, and revel in the highs.

Discover your true identity and nurture self belief. Develop a new mindset of positivity and start bouncing off the walls with energy today. Total freedom can and will be yours when your attitude shines with these lessons.
Charisma is the ultimate social hack that opens doors wherever you go. Our 30 years of combined experience is distilled down to the principles that show you how to be in control of your life.

When You Enrol In Applied Charisma Technology Today You'll Get:

You'll get our full 7-week immersion experience with recorded Confidence Calls every week, 6 full Action Journals of exercises, our secret training field manual, the customized Spontaneity Playbook, and our ongoing Charisma Connection forum, not to mention keeping these lessons for a lifetime.

Confidence Calls

Recorded assistance from Jonny and Marcus every week during the course while you develop your charisma and freedom in the world. Every question was answered and recorded.


Introducing concepts and adding simple steps helps you remember these lessons for good. Science says so.

Practical Exercises

Simple challenges with practical steps that get you to actually use these lessons and build new habits. Every step builds a sophisticated skillset.

The Charisma Connection

Join a community of individuals coming together to support each other and be a force for good in the world.

For A Limited Time We Also Include:

  • Active Access Pass $500
We're going to give you special access to us and once within the next year, you can ask us anything you want and we'll provide you a customized answer that will help you tremendously.
  • Recorded Confidence Calls $1000
Once you learn what you need to know every week, we'll break down any barriers, answer any questions, and give you the confidence you need to go out and show the world the real you.
  • The Charisma Connection $164
A special forum just for students of the course, you'll get a built in success network of friends and colleagues to call upon. You'll also get exclusive access to Jonny and Marcus.
  • Action Journals $54
Every exercise you need to take your charisma to the next level. Track your progress, level up your results. Get those soft-skills hard-wired with ease.
  • The Charisma Field Manual $90
Distilled information from the course laid out in a 94 page manual that will give you the direction and insight you need, when you need it. An entire course on its own to create action.
  • The Spontaneity Playbook $97
Once you complete your training, you'll get a playbook customized to the course that will help you take your skills far beyond what you thought possible with real-world games and activities to play that will make you more charismatic.

Total: $6394

We Help People Discover Their Natural Charisma


Marketing Director of a Solar Company
“I was able to use some of those principles to secure a $540,000 commercial project that I had been working on for a long time.”


Freelance Producer
“Recently, I was awarded a $30,000 project... [with the client] literally knowing nothing about my work. This was solely based on my charisma.”

"I've been using your techniques when calling
agencies and I'm now speaking directly with
the decision makers. I've already got a gig!"


Celebrity Photographer

"I now have the mental tools to handle any
kind of negative or unexpected reaction from a
new person with whom I'm conversing."


Account Administrator

"I went from hiding behind a screen to talking
on stages across the world. My social circle has
increased. People want to hang out with me!"


Business Coach & Speaker

"Since your training I've had a couple of dates,
befriended the director of a fashion label, met
my hero and we're now close friends!"



"Recently, I was awarded a $30,000 project
without a résumé! I was awarded the gig solely
based on my connection with the director"


TV Producer

"Training with Marcus was gold. I learned lots
about how to use emotions in conversations to
connect with people effectively."


Vocal Coach

"This training is a gift. There's no games or
tricks of the hand necessary. It's all about pure
principal and authentic communication"


Software Developer

"A year after the training I now have a better
job, a new career and stronger relationships
with others. The training was 100% worth it."


IT Resourcing Consultant

"I re-established broken connections with
family and friends. Rather than trapped by
anxiety and fear, I'm comfortable in my skin."


Hospitality Manager

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  • Yes! I want to have the presence to be anywhere in the world and magnetize people towards me.
  • Yes! I want the charm to say anything (even the rude things) with a panache that allows me to get opportunities others can’t.
  • Yes! I want the ability to connect with people so that I always have an army of dedicated friends or allies to call when I’m in need.
  • Yes! I want the unshakeable belief in myself that makes me unstoppable and allows me to warp reality to my will. ​
  • Yes! I want the spontaneity to never run out of things to say, tell jokes, stories, and master every single one of life’s curve balls.
  • ​Yes! I want the influence to talk my way out of trouble, into success, and use my verbal wit to dazzle those around me.
  • Yes! I want a rock solid, glorious attitude; being able to live every day bouncing off the walls with energy and optimism.
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  • ​Active Access Pass ($500 Value)
  • ​1:1 Coaching Calls ($1000 Value)
  • Mastermind Sessions ($1100 Value)
  • Action Journals ($54 Value)
  • The Charisma Connection ($164 Value)
  • ​ The Spontaneity Playbook ($97 Value)

total value: $6394

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the training and you’re not experiencing the happiness of new and exciting relationships based on your newly acquired confidence and charisma, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

"This program opened up a new world for me. I’m able to leverage the skills I learned to create stronger connections in the work place."

Roxana Nasoi

Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Israel Trade Association

"Charisma is at the heart of persuasion and Marcus is the go to guy to learn that skill. He is a brilliant teacher and walks his talk."

Rintu Basu

Author of "The Persuasion Skills Black Book"

"Thank you for teaching me how to be an effective, confident and charismatic coach and for believing in me, no matter what."

Nerea Carryon

Founder of The Happy World Company

"Marcus is one of the few coaches I will vouch for. He’s the most authentic guy I’ve ever met and really cares about his clients success."

Robbie Kramer

President, Inner Confidence, Inc.

"Your Charisma Coach helps clients establish a sense of mutuality in horizontal relationships, to connect with people at a deep level."


Researcher, University College London

"Easily one of the best teachers I've ever met. I can recommend no better instructor to help you achieve social mastery."

Alex ‘Sasha’ Lasarev

Dating Expert, Founder of The Infinite Man Summit

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