A Job Interview Tip That Works Like Magic

Posted by Marcus Oakey

Do you cope well under pressure? Ian Rowland has a tremendously effective job interview tip that will ensure you can answer any tough interview question with ease and stand out from the crowd!

Projection Framing: The Magical Job Interview Tip

Would you like to create an image in the interviewer’s mind in which you already have the job and are performing well?

Take a typical job interview question.

Do you cope well under pressure?

Here’s what ninety-nine percent of people will say.

“Yes I am good under pressure” and then go on to say “because in my last job…”

This is known as ‘affirmation & example’ which is a reasonable answer. But it’s not a phenomenal answer

Let’s change that first sentence from the past: “I am good under pressure” …

…into the future: “I will be good under pressure”

By simply changing one word in the sentence you are directing the interviewer’s thoughts into the future, creating a hypothetical future situation in their mind in which you are working for the company and coping well under pressure.

As you can see a small but powerful change in the answer. You have told the interviewer that you will perform well for them in the future. Not that you have performed well in the past.

Projection framing is a powerful tool and may be the difference between securing the position and being cast aside.

Remember: Answer job tough interview questions based on your ability to succeed in your future role with a prospective company.

Projection Framing Outside The Interview Room

This little gem is not solely for interviews! Get creative. See how you can increase your influence over others in all kinds of situations.

  • On convincing your friends to join you for a weekend away.

“I enjoyed it last time” to “I will make it a weekend to remember”

  • On asking someone on a date.

“I am a gentleman” to “I will make you feel like a million dollars”

  • In a business meeting

“I’ve worked well with similar businesses in the past” to “We will work well alongside you on this project”