Double Your Confidence By Being Playful

It’s time to inject more fun into your day. After all, there was a time in all our early lives where the whole world around us was a stage for living out adventures.

Cushions became castles, cracks in the sidewalk were molten lava, the shopping trolley was a chariot for you to go whizzing around in.

Like most of us, though, this playfulness slowly dwindled from your behavioural repertoire as you approached adulthood, and today you can probably be seen wheeling that trolley prudently through the aisles, placing items into it, just so.

The picture of adult responsibility!

Now, I want to suggest that in all of us, that childlike desire to interact with our surroundings for our own vital bliss still lingers. What if, for a short time, that feeling could be re-experienced in our adult lives every day? What would that be like?

I’ve come to understand is that there is immense value in interacting with your normal environment in a new and fresh way, as often as possible. People frequently ask me how to be more spontaneous, or how to inject playfulness into their lives.

In essence, how to uncover that joy which has been ‘educated’ out of

us to such an extent that we often don’t even recognise that the longing for it is still there.

The fact of the matter is, the more playful you are, the more fun you’re having and the more fun you’re having, the more confidence you feel. The way to do that is to interact with your environment differently.

There are many ways to break the patterns of behaviour that we create for ourselves. Perhaps you approach the staircase that you take every day when leaving for your lunch break. Why not have a little slide down the railing this time?

The point is to do something different and experience it from a place of enthusiasm. Instead of using a shopping cart and pushing it along, jump on it!

And what happens if everyone looks? Well, the world will end and everyone will die, and that’s it it’s over (joke). Think carefully before taking huge risks of course! The point is, when you do something a bit more fun in a mundane situation, the emotional payback is immense and the downsides very low.

Go to a supermarket, department store and interact in a different way. Have that cucumber sword fight with your friend! When you reconnect with your playful side and allow the joy of spontaneity to come through you, people cannot help but be drawn to your exuberance.

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