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From the desk of: Marcus Oakey, London 2022…

Especially in these uncertain times, it’s easy to feel socially anxious and disconnected from people:
• So if you’re sick of feeling invisible, like a social outcast…

• Or you’re tired of self-doubt rattling around in your brain…

• And if you’re worried about being shot down…

Then keep reading…
Because what I’m about to reveal could literally change the direction of your life… 
Over the last 19 years, I’ve made it my mission to find out what makes people charismatic…
What I discovered?

Confidence. Self Worth. Energy. Power...

…all start with what’s going on inside:
How you talk to yourself… How you think…
That’s because 93% of human communication is actually nonverbal:

Your energy, tonality and body language (the “how” of charisma)…
…can be much more impactful than the “what” (your words)…

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If you don’t know how to properly use them, your interactions are always going to be an uphill battle…

You’ll always be stuck in a vicious cycle…

The solution?

You Need to Turn Your "Charisma Switch" ON

The successful celebrities of our time: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson…

…all share one common factor:

They all have access to their own inner “Charisma Switch”

Because the truth is, people who know how to unlock the power of Charisma have a HUGE advantage over other people. 
It’s the difference between having to chase and be chased…
It’s the opposite of begging for attention and instead having people gravitate to you seemingly automatically… 
It’s the difference between talking to an empty auditorium (or trying to get likes on social media)…


“How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection ” by Marcus Oakey

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Masterclass: The 3-Step System to Instant, Effortless Connection with Anyone

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The Complete Applied Charisma Technology Blueprint

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…and having an engaged audience that hangs on your every word… just wanting to hear what you have to say next.

Hi I’m Marcus Oakey. I’m a Charisma Coach…

I help people gain confidence, upgrade their social skills, and become the life of the party.

I’ve spoken on stages all around the world and helped hundreds of thousands of people through my website and youtube channel to unleash their inner charisma and confidence, so they can effortlessly connect with the people they want in any situation…

I help people gain confidence, upgrade their social skills, and become the life of the party.

 I’ve spoken on stages all around the world and helped hundreds of thousands of people through my website and youtube channel to unleash their inner charisma and confidence, so they can effortlessly connect with the people they want in any situation…
My passion to discover how to turn on my inner Charisma Switch was ignited 19 years ago: 
As a teenager I never felt cool, or accepted by people around me. I always felt invisible, and had no idea how to connect with others…
Back then I didn’t have any charisma at all:
I was BROKE and living on the floor of my friend’s college dorm room. 
My girlfriend of 2 years had broken up with me…
I spent most of my days between the lab doing research for my Chemistry course and home playing Mortal Kombat.
One day I was giving a presentation for my Masters Degree and decided to make a joke to lighten the mood.
The examining professor didn’t laugh. Instead he shot me down in front of the whole class – he called me an idiot
As the room laughed, I felt pathetic and humiliated.
Then on the way home I bumped into my ex-girlfriend…
She was sitting in the park with a guy in a leather jacket, who I later found out was her new boyfriend…
As I walked past I did a little wave of acknowledgement.
She didn’t respond to me…
“Who was that?” he said.
“Oh, nobody…” – she replied.
“He looked like a loser…”
My guts were on the floor!
I didn’t have any friends. I was questioning myself as a man.
How was I ever going to have a successful career if I couldn’t even talk to people?
What if I end up being on my own forever… with no career… no girlfriend… and no life.
Needless to say… I was down in the dumps.
I decided I had to start sorting myself out… so I got a part time job…

The Moment Everything Changed For Me...

Call it a meaningful coincidence, or just good luck…
…but on the first day, I met someone who was going to change my life… although not in the way I expected.
For starters, he was mopping the floor. But he wasn’t a janitor, he was a number cruncher… an accountant. 
Everyone knew him and greeted him. He was fun, engaging and got people talking in all the right ways.       
He was able to put everyone at ease, including me.
He was the most popular person at every level of the building…
Everyone celebrated him. Some supervisors would even boast about how well they knew him.
One lunch time, I headed to the store to pick up a sandwich and noticed that he was sitting at a table.    
He chatted to a group of strangers on the neighbouring table. Within ten seconds they were laughing and within a minute he was sitting with his new friends.
It was incredible… I’d never seen anyone exude that degree of magnetism so effortlessly…
I wanted people to respond to me like that!
I decided I was going to spend as much time as possible with him, hoping some of his magic might rub off.
So I made a point to hang around him and we got talking.
What I discovered shocked and saddened me.

He couldn't teach me

I would ask him lots of questions…
But I found he couldn’t break down what it was he was doing.
I was now faced with two problems:
1.) I was still shy, awkward and lacked real confidence.
2.) I didn’t have a road map to help me practice my charisma.
I realised I had no choice but to become the teacher I needed…
As a scientist, I began to view my interactions with other people as small social experiments to train myself.
Just little steps to start to take me closer to my goal, for example smiling at strangers on the street….
Over time I began to assemble jigsaw pieces of what charisma and confidence look like…
And this is where the big changes started to happen…    
My first success was to decode ‘charm’ – a key pillar of charisma.    
I used this to make great friends. This was the first big improvement I saw in my life.
‘Goodbye lonely weekends!’’
But the real magic was yet to come…
While on holiday with friends in Miami I discovered my new power:
It was our last night… and as we walked back to our hotel to pack and get ready for our morning flight I spotted another group walking towards us.
They were laughing about something.
Now, the ‘old me’ would have passed them by, and kept quiet and not said anything.
But with my new attitude. I wanted to try something…
I chose not to be invisible and used that moment to get some practice.
Nervously I piped up and started chatting to a girl named Amber…
She was cool, although her group weren’t heading home, they’d just arrived.
But we goofed around…
…and that was awesome, since we only just met.
And since there was such a great rapport, we postponed our plans to get an early night and we went for cocktails.
I chatted to the waiter and we got on so well he poured us free shots!
(Here’s a picture he took of us all.)
Now at the time, we didn’t know we were making memories, we were just having fun.
But looking back it was magic. It was the first time I felt like I’d created an experience out of thin air.
Then I made a tragic mistake: I glanced at my watch and I felt my heart drop. I realized we still had a plane to catch.
We had to get to the airport… Our flight was soon and we hadn’t even packed yet!
As we said our goodbyes, I had an idea.
I introduced the waiter to Amber. I don’t know what it was… but I thought the two of them would get on.
In fact a few days later I heard that they didn’t just get on…
They started dating!
Years later I found out they even got married, and now have a beautiful family together!
How Brilliant is That?
What if I hadn’t said that throw-away comment when that group passed us by?
It all happened because I broke out of my comfort zone… and spoke up to try something new. 
When you do that it changes yourself… and also the lives of others around you too.
This is why I’ve been doing this for 19 years:
It’s about more than just me. It’s about the connections I’ve helped other people make with each other too.
And that’s exactly what you can expect too on your charisma journey as well…
Learning how charisma works not only improves your life… but improves the lives of everyone around you.
That realization led me on a 19+ year journey of self discovery. A journey dedicated to understanding the human condition, and how we interacted together…
…helping me become the Charisma Coach I am today… and understand a framework I now teach around the globe…

Activate Your True Confidence & Charisma...

And that’s what my book is all about.
These are the same techniques and mindsets that helped me build the lifestyle I enjoy today…
Let me be clear – I’m NOT giving you some sort of pre-packaged personality here…
A lot of the time my students try to replicate the way some ‘guru’ acts and speaks, but it never works out for them. 
That’s because 93% of human communication is actually nonverbal. 
Your mindset, tonality and body language, the “how” of charisma, can be much more impactful than the what (your words).
If you don’t know how to properly use them, your interactions are always going to be an uphill battle…
You’ll always be stuck in a vicious social cycle…
This is the solution you need to learn how to turn your charisma switch on.
That’s why I’ve condensed my best revelations over the years into a new book I’ve called…

How To Talk To Anyone Without Fear Of Rejection

This Social Skills Blueprint Helps You Unlock That 93%, And Shows You How To Use It…

That’s the name of the game… gaining the skills and the right mindset you need to become the person you’re supposed to be…
Then going and implementing those new found skills out in the real world. 
Putting what you’ve learned into action, so you can experience the results first hand for yourself… see for yourself…

Want More Charisma And Confidence?

This approach to a new you won’t happen overnight…
You can’t wake up the next morning and expect life to be different.
Just like a scrawny guy can’t wake up with bigger muscles, but… he can hit the gym and make it happen by working for it.
Like anything worth having… charisma and confidence take work…
Charisma and true self confidence aren’t about corny pick up lines, rehearsed jokes… or instant success.
REAL charisma is simply: a skill set.
A quite literal set of compounded exercises that when practiced and honed, produce that “great energy” people see…
So if you feel like…

You’re “Doing Everything Right”... But Your Social Interactions Are Often Dead-Ends...

And people around you STILL act like you’re virtually invisible…
Everyone seems to be having the time of their lives without even trying… and you’re just stuck “doing O.K.”?
And the most frustrating part is, it doesn’t even look like they’re doing anything different from you… 
It’s enough to make you wonder if there’s something wrong with you… 
What else could possibly explain why you’re having such a hard time?
I’ll be a realist here… You probably don’t expect to knock people’s socks off right out of the gate, of course…
But you don’t want to feel like you’re always crashing and burning… and this brings us to the real problem…

How Are You Supposed To Connect With People If No One Will Even Give You A Chance?

So What Do You Do If You Don’t Know How To Connect?

Skip The Guessing Games… That’s Why I Wrote What My Former “Lost Newbie Self” Would Have Killed For…

A guide I titled “How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection”
It’s my personal crash-course in natural self confidence and charisma that anyone can take to turn their social life around…
Everything you need to FINALLY put an END to embarrassing rejections, painful one-sided conversations and awkward silences.
Forget about your social skill level for a moment. Just imagine…

What Your Life Would Be Like If MOST People You Talked To Actually Liked You...

The simple truth is this: human communication is a science… And like all sciences, this one follows certain rules:
Still with me? Good. These rules make up the framework of every conversation you’ve ever been a part of.
If the interaction soured or didn’t go where you wanted it to, it’s because you somehow broke one of these rules.
On the other hand, when you’re able to freely express your unique personality within the bounds of these rules… 
THAT’S when you get raw and powerful charisma.
It’s also how you find that certain unnamed something you feel like you’ve been missing…
The skills to self-express and connect you were never taught. Mastering those is what finally led to me seeing MASSIVE jumps in progress.
People started looking at me differently and guess what, they actually WANTED to listen to what I had to say.
It was like I’d spent my entire life as a stalled car and only just figured out how to ignite my engine. Everything suddenly clicked into place.
How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection covers everything that got me there… and how you can too…
And with it you can get your own progress snowballing until you’re seeing your own crazy leaps in progress… the same I see in my students all the time.
… you’ll have what you need to go out and get better results.
What you’ll learn in this book is meant to give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in your social scene. 
Like bowling professionally except you’re the only one allowed to use bumpers.
How To Talk To Anyone Without Fear Of Rejection
 Will Give You The Tools To:
  1. CRUSH the All-Important First Impression With Non-Verbal Communication – AKA the “Automatic Like”
  2. TRIGGER Engaging, Never Ending Conversations by Always Having Something Interesting to Say
  3. CREATE a Win-Win Social Situation That Gives Everyone What They Want and Makes Them Love You For It
  4. ATTRACT the Right Type of Attention From the People You Want and Look “Cool” Without Even Trying
  5. CONTROL the Conversation and Make the Interaction Go Where You Want It To Go With the “Always Win” Formula

These are the 5 core skills of Charisma – the foundation needed for any authentic charismatic personality…

These Are Your 5 Commandments Of Charisma...

Simply put, it will be a lot harder to become confident and truly charismatic if you don’t abide by all of them…
Master these and you’ll be set for life. Not just socially, but personally, financially, and creatively.
In fact, pretty much EVERYTHING I’ve ever accomplished can be distilled down to these 5 skills. 
The rest is just improvisation – what the old folks call “being yourself”. 

All Our Social Interactions Boil Down To One Simple Truth… People Just Want To Have Fun...

Most students don’t know how to make having “fun” their own. 
So they wait for it to happen to them INSTEAD and fill in the gaps with Netflix binges and alcohol…
Being able to create fun wherever you go is like a superpower. It’s the SPICE that makes your life POP no matter who or what’s in it. 
It pulls the entire process together by turning all your hard work into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
You might be thinking something like… “When I try to crack jokes or lighten the mood, people don’t respond or just think I’m being awkward and weird.”
Want to Know a Secret?

I DID NOT start out with the ability to have fun with anyone, anywhere. In fact, I was pretty damn BORING myself and feeling down at first…

Like Most People… I Used To Try To Stumble My Way Through A Conversation… And You Could See Everybody Was Just Waiting For Me To Stop Talking...

Over the years I learned the hard way… 
… and now I’m passing that knowledge on to you… so you don’t have to make the same social mistakes I did.
How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection is DEFINITELY for you if you:

Want to know how to break out of your shell while turning your own “personality volume” way up?…

AND know how to use it wherever there’s a gathering…

The 21 Social Secrets In How To Talk To Anyone Without Fear Of Rejection:


1. How to get your head into the right place
2. ​The key to staying positive even when you’re not feeling it
3. How to make the conversation win/win from the get go
4. Why this S-word is your magic bullet (and how to do it correctly)
5. Why to always start your conversations for THESE specific reasons 
6. ​The crucial first ten seconds (and how to NOT screw them up)
7. A surefire way to pull great topics out of thin air… so you can end    awkward silences forever!

What To Do To Keep A Conversation Moving Forward

8. Why most conversations go nowhere (and how to keep them on track)
9. The trick to grabbing a listener’s attention 
10. How to never run out of things to say 
11. How to be fun and social… even if you’re not in the mood and ‘don’t feel like it’
12. Why being getting a conversation ‘wrong’ is RIGHT
13. How to use questions and statements effectively 
14. A crafty technique to keep the conversation going


15. How to use ‘awkward’ silence to your advantage
16. How to change subjects effortlessly 
17. What to do about the (white) elephant in the room 
18. How to avoid dead topics even if they bring them up
19. What to do after the event instead of playing the fool
20. How to end a conversation without being rude
21. Why you should take a new approach to talking to people
Now, there’s no substitution for getting “hands on” and real life knowledge from someone who’s been in the social and dating trenches… 
That’s why I packed my book with 21 secrets for all three stages of social interaction… so you have a foolproof roadmap to success. 
STOP guessing and testing approaches you think will work…
START taking your social life seriously. 
All you have to do is make the smart decision to join the 27,380 and counting other students who were ready to make changes in their lives…
What do you get when you claim your copy today?

100% immediate savings (normal price is $47). Just like in basketball, you have to not only know, but master the fundamentals. This incredible book is your first step… and on this page ONLY… you can claim a copy for free today! (never before offered price). This book has been read by over 27,380 students, who have learned how:

a. To make killer impressions and come across with confidence.
b. To keep someone fully engaged when you’re talking.
 c. To give strangers what they want while making them love you.
 d. To attract and be perceived the way you want.
e. To get what you want out of friendships and relationships.

Bonus 1: Instant access to my instant connection masterclass. I’ll show you how to effortlessly influence and connect with anyone in any situation… without memorizing weird NLP lines, scripts or anything manipulative. PLUS the 3 step approach to magnetism that will make you irresistible. (Value $97)

Bonus 2: The Complete Applied Charisma Technology Blueprint. A bite sized and highly actionable roadmap of every step on the journey to a confident and charismatic life. This is an integral element of my $3,000.00 Applied Charisma Technology flagship program, and you get it for FREE when you grab your copy of How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection. (Value $497)

BONUS 3: How to Inject Irresistible Charisma Into Every First Impression. Read this to learn my NEW "Secret Blueprint" reveals how to consistently make a great first impression. Identify common speech traps, social environment indicators, and the 3 authenticity techniques you’re currently not using that are keeping you from “hitting it off”.(Value $97)

BONUS 4: Access to the Charisma Connection private students Facebook group. Connect with other like-minded people all across the world who are on the same journey of self-development as you. Plus get your questions answered by my and my team of expert coaches! (Value $97)

BONUS 5: 7 Day Fast-Start Video Course. Get results fast with this mini program where every day for 7 days I'll put out specific theory and actionable techniques you can go out and implement to overcome anxiety, grab people's attention and start conversations powerfully! (Value $297)

A TOTAL VALUE = $1,132
TODAY’S PRICE  = $47 Free for you today!
Forget spending months on end, frustrated trying to absorb endless lessons from Youtube… or digging around online piecing together information. 
How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection is about FAST RESULTS.
This is like a firehose of knowledge to the face. 
You’ll get A TON of actionable content and frameworks so you can rewire your brain…
Getting you out of the social slump… and on the path to having the friends you want, magical relationships, and the right opportunities…
Remember… people just want to have fun… 
Charisma and NATURAL confidence are the keys to entertaining people and making them like you… but don’t take my word for it…


“With Marcus’ help I was able to charm the
man of my dreams. He made me feel supported
and safe to believe in myself.”


Organising Consultant

“The skills you learn are great whether you are
managing people in a corporation or an
entrepreneur looking to build connections.”


Author, TEDx Speaker

“I did things I’ve never done in my life, such as
talking to complete strangers in situations
where I’d never have approached them.”


Computer Scientist

“The teaching made a huge impact in my life. If
you’re wondering where I get my charm from, I
definitely owe it to them [YCC]!”


Film Producer


Nobody Else Can Do It For You.

You’ll ONLY Become MORE Charismatic And Confident IF You Actually Roll Up Your Sleeves And DO THE WORK…

Take action today and assume responsibility for your own
social success…

(Trust Me. You Won’t Regret Claiming Your Copy Right Now...)

Remember… How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection is about fundamentally changing WHO you are…

Giving you the right mindset and the skills you need to see results FAST.

Making sure you don’t miss out on once in a lifetime social opportunities… relationships… friendships…

Helping you create the life you want.

Imagine getting the promotion you’ve always wanted… 

Or FINALLY being able to effectively walk up to someone you’re interested in… 
Even connecting with someone who will be your next business partner… or who could be your best friend…
All because you learned HOW to communicate with people at the highest level because you signed up today and received the bonuses…

You can’t just “wish” for a different life… you have to take action.

Action takers get big results!

I reward action takers… and that’s why I’m making How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection…

Save over 85% When You Make The Smart Decision To Get Your Copy of How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection Right Now…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this make me the most charismatic person on Earth?

No, obviously not. You will not instantly become George Clooney. This is a good first step for people who are ready to change their fortunes, and their daily approach to interacting with people. 

Why do I need How to Talk to Anyone Without Fear of Rejection?

This isn’t rocket science. Are you 100% happy with your social life the way it is? Your dating life? Your career options? People like likeable and charismatic people. You can become MORE likeable and MORE charismatic by getting this book. 

Why should I invest in myself today?

Change doesn’t happen without making small steps. Do you want your life to change? You have to take action, learn from your mistakes, and from a mentor who knows what they’re talking about. Start small by claiming your copy of the book and use it to change your life, one day at a time.


“Marcus can walk his talk so well that
anyone who follows his advice will
develop their own irresistible way of
charming the world.”


Creator of “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”

“I was struck by how deeply this training
unpacks the undercover principles behind
charisma and human interactions.”


Founder of Trigger Conversations, TEDx Speaker

“If you want to improve your
communication skills then he can show
you how. He is to charisma what David
Blaine is to magic.”


Author, Business Leader & Trainer

“If you want to find it easier to meet new
people and become a master
conversationalist then I can’t recommend
Marcus enough.”


UK’s Leading Dating Expert

Who is Marcus Oakey
Marcus got into the self-improvement game in 2003. Since then he’s helped millions of people all over the globe revolutionize their quality of life.
Marcus shows clients how to create instant, long-lasting relationships with high-quality people… 
How? Through redefining their relationship with themselves and the world around them – becoming who they were always meant to be.
Marcus started Your Charisma Coach because he was a shy, awkward guy. He spent years getting rejected over and over… 

Until finally cracking the code to become the type of unforgettable person everyone dreams of becoming:

In other words, a man who radiates charisma, which lead to more specialised work as an author, trainer, international speaker, TV pundit and creator of the Applied Charisma Technology system…

His strategies proved to be so effective he’s spent over 15 years teaching them to students, business professionals and celebrities alike, so that they could make friends quickly and advance their careers with ease.

Even the biggest social training companies on the planet were soon knocking on his door, hiring him to train thousands of their clients… and even their own instructors.

“Charisma is at the heart of persuasion
and Marcus is the go to guy to learn that
skill. He is a brilliant teacher and walks his


Author of “The Persuasion Skills Black Book”

“Thank you for teaching me how to be an
effective, confident and charismatic coach
and for believing in me, no matter what.”


Founder of The Happy World Company

“Your Charisma Coach helps clients
establish a sense of mutuality in
horizontal relationships, to connect with
people at a deep level.”


Researcher, University College London

“Easily one of the best teachers I’ve ever
met. I can recommend no better instructor
to help you achieve social mastery.”


Dating Expert, Founder of The Infinite Man Summit

Marcus found that only by focusing on the fundamental skills of communication will you truly become captivating and free to talk to anyone, anywhere and become unstoppable, irresistible, and unafraid in every area of your life.
If you’re willing to put in the elbow grease, Marcus WILL help you pull out of this tailspin you’re stuck in and build the life you don’t even dare to dream about.
He’s done it for tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. There’s no reason he can’t do it for you…
Join Marcus and his team. We’ll help you master the ultimate life skill that makes everything finally click into place… Charisma.