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In this 6 hour and 30 minute seminar with hypnosis legend Igor Ledochowski, Marcus reveals some of his most powerful mindsets, frames and techniques - content he usually reserves only for a handful of high-paying private coaching clients.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll learn:

  • Four small changes you can make that’ll awaken your own magnetic, irresistible personality.
  • The 9 Laws of Charisma that develop absolute confidence in any social situation and command the attention of those around you.
  • The best way to keep yourself in an emotionally upbeat and positive mood so you can control conversations and have people follow your lead.
  • Simple eye contact and body language tips to keep them engaged in the conversation.
  • A quick and easy method for establishing a deep and powerful connection with anyone in moments...and have them thinking of you and treating you as their oldest, most trusted friend who they’d go to the wall for without a second thought.
  • A Jedi-like mind technique of preframing, which will completely remove all the awkwardness from breaking the ice with strangers.
  • A killer approach for never running out of interesting and engaging things to talk about, so you can avoid the dreaded “awkward silence trap” for good.
  • A technique for spiking emotions in others so that you can create a powerful first impression every time, no matter the circumstances (this can turn dull observations into a free passport to meet VIPs and celebrities).
  • The most effective strategy to rewire your brain so you become spontaneous, fun to be around...and the life and soul of the party.
  • Advice from a master craftsman whose discovered one of biggest secrets to becoming instantly loved wherever you go (hint: it’s all to do with body language!)
  • The two keys to creating a "smooth-as-silk" conversation that flows naturally! (Simple to learn... and once you do... you'll never have trouble putting people under your spell!)
  • The 10 Social Gifts that build comfort and trust so they’re willing to tell you their hidden secrets and welcome you with open arms! (But watch out! There is one big limitation to this technique... and... you'd better find out what it is before using it!)
  • The three golden rules that every charming person follows to the letter. These convey your personal power in no uncertain terms!
  • Using the power of touch to charge up emotional connections with absolutely anybody (Without coming across as creepy or weird)
  • Hypnotically bend time and install an emotional rollercoaster to build powerful connections with people that you’ve just met. (This almost always injects adventure in your life and leads to exciting stories!)
  • A perfectly ethical way to use Stockholm Syndrome to snag someone's attention and keep them fixated on you! Which is a critical skill to learn... if... becoming charismatic is important to you!
  • And much, much more!

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Marcus and his charisma strategies are the real deal. I've seen them for myself and they are very powerful. If you want to improve your communication skills and have business associates open up to you, then he can show you how. He is to charisma what David Blaine is to magic.
Paul Puckridge
Author, Business Leader & Trainer

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FREE Shipping Directly To Your Door. In USB Format For Added Convenience & Portability.


His skills and strategies are both scientifically validated and field tested. If you want to make more of an impact in the world then Marcus is someone you want in your inner circle.
Bob Cobb
Founder & Executive Director
Bank Investment Professionals Association