Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Marcus Oakey

Founder & CEO
Can you really become more captivating and persuasive in any situation? Crippled by shyness in his early years Marcus realised that great conversation skills is what opens doors and helps you get ahead in life. Subsequently, he founded Your Charisma Coach with one goal in mind: to show you how to eradicate shyness, blitz social fear, connect to your inner core, and communicate your way to success!

Sam Thomas Davies

Workshop Manager & Master Trainer, Europe
Part social scientist and part adventurer, Stockholm-based Sam is obsessive about teaching his clients how to live life on their own terms. Sam is a specialist in smart thinking tactics; he’ll show you how to rapidly rewire your mind so that you habitually think like the most confident and captivating man in the room – and instantly shift your social life into overdrive… even if you’re by yourself in a new city!

Sam Power

Master Trainer, Europe
Sam’s approach to life is that if you can dream it, you can do it! Sam is committed to empowering even the most nervous of wrecks with unshakable confidence. He can help you to shatter social anxiety and defeat any fears standing between you and what you truly want to achieve. With his dedicated personal coaching, you will come away brimming with masses of social confidence, guaranteed!

Jonny Dupre

Master Trainer, North America
A true authority of charisma, Jonny is one of the most proficient hypnosis and NLP trainers on the planet. He has an impossibly good understanding of human psychology and how to overcome social anxiety and most importantly, how to transfer this wisdom onto his clients and change their lives for the better. Jonny continues to be a fundamental driving force behind our world class curriculum.

Russell Ross

Master Trainer, Australia & SE Asia
Elite in conversational flow and delivery, Sydney-based Russ is our resident charm expert. From energising your social presence to understanding your body language, Russ can teach you a variety of advanced social skills that’ll instantly disarm even the most guarded of people. It’s no wonder he’s also an in-demand speaker in corporate circles too, where his talents for natural networking are highly prized.

Richard Middleton

Master Trainer, Europe
Every town has a naughty boy like Richard: a gentleman who supplies a line of astonishing whispers that brings tutting crowds together and causes some to boast about how well they know him. Richard is an unconquerable hero who can create a party even when the room is full of strangers. However, his most incredible super power is the ability to take a client, no matter how rough or new… and give them practical and clear guidance that’ll change their lives.

Gabe Kerekes

Master Trainer, North America
Starting as a street musician, Gabe’s success relied on his ability to connect with his audience, otherwise he went hungry. Living by his wits gave him an unrivalled education in the art of the hustle and what makes people click. It’s a skill he’s put to good use, working as an international art dealer has seen him sell original work by Picasso. As a trainer, he will teach the most fundamental skill of all: how to sell yourself.

Salman Soomro

Administration & Technical Support
Tireless, focused and disciplined, Salman is the unsung hero behind the scenes that meticulously keeps this company running smoothly. Customer service is his top priority and when you attend any of our events or live trainings you’ll inevitably cross paths and benefit from his magical people skills.