A Job Interview Hack That Actually Works

With competition for jobs increasing by the day nobody wants to fail an interview. After all, who knows when your next one is coming around! It’s natural to be nervous about a job interview but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. This job interview hack will help improve your chances of success!

Failure to be selected for your ideal role means more time spent job hunting, more time away from work and more time sitting in interviews. Repeatedly dragging yourself through this laborious process repeatedly is not good for your spirit.

Unless you’re a masochist… in which case this is not the resource you need!

Allow me to introduce you to Ian Rowland –cold reading expert extraordinaire, which means he is exceptionally skilled at soft skills such as improving your interview technique.

Ian has experienced sitting on both sides of the interview desk. Like most of you, he has successfully applied for jobs. However, when he became a sales and marketing manager for a leading technology company he found himself conducting hundreds of corporate interviews.

His simple –but effective– methods will transform you from a potential bag of pre-interview nerves into a cool, calm candidate who is a perfect fit for the job!

A Job Interview Hack That Conquers Your Fears

Interviews can be stressful experiences and big fears include familiar nightmares, such as:

  • your mind going blank when you’re asked an important question.
  • getting tongue-tied when trying to describe your strengths.
  • being unable to persuade the interviewer you’ll be a good fit.

The best interviews are smooth effortless. However, it’s very difficult to have an authentic and effortless conversation with an interviewer if you’re thinking too much about how to answer the questions.

How To Avoid Crashing Your Mental Gears In An Interview

Fortunately, Ian has a much better solution, a job interview hack that he callsa mindscript. This strategy consists of making positive and declarative sentences about:

  • Yourself.
  • The interviewer.
  • The situation you’re in.

For example, instead of having a running dialogue in your head, you might instead simply choose to say to yourself:

  • I am the ideal candidate for this role.
  • The interviewer is a very friendly person.
  • It’s a beautiful day to get a job!

This script will keep your mind in a highly resourceful state without the need to overthink the situation.

The trick is to keep these positive statements short and concise. This is something you want to be able to recite to yourself whilst in preparation before the interview and during the interview.

Run the three parts of your mind script through your mind ten, five and two minutes before the interview.

You will find is that even in the interview you can still recall these sentences if you get stuck and they will serve to sharpen your focus.

In a one hour interview, you might use this job interview hack three times, especially if you get stuck at any point.

Top tip: It bears mentioning: never say this script out loud. Not only would it be a little odd it might result in your relocation to a padded cell!

Here’s Why Ian Rowland’s Mindscript Works

Most of your communication is nonverbal and during an interview, it is not just what you say or the tone of your voice that matters. Your posture, body language, hand gestures, eye contact and a host of other micro behaviours influence the impression that you’re creating.

If you try to consciously synch all of these behaviours together you’ll get disjointed.

Imagine a drummer trying to consciously think about each drum he is hitting or floor pedal he is tapping. It would pull him out of the beat. Likewise, remembering to smile and project rock solid confidence as you answer what your biggest weakness will do the same.

However, by firing a mindscript off in your head you’ll synchronises all of these behaviours and ensure that both your verbal –and nonverbal– communication skills are congruent.

The result?

Fidgeting stops, nerves vanish and you are able to give the best account of yourself because the script ties your mannerisms into a gestalt- a completeness or wholeness.

Warning – Using the mindscript there is a good chance you will impress your interviewer, so be prepared for a barrage of compliments and positive feedback… just be sure to remember me when you’re raking in the cash from your latest career advancement!

Bonus: Get Ian Rowland’s Book For Free!

Ian has allowed me to offer you a free book that gives away more of these great strategies! It’s called: “The Mind Reader’s Guide To Rapport” and Ian has poured decades of his unique experiences and learning into it!

Note: Ian got the title a bit wrong in the video but I highly recommend you grab a free copy. I have expanded my own knowledge on the subject with the same resource! Simply enter the (rather original) code ‘Charisma’ at the checkout page.

Click here – link for your free book (and good luck with your next job interview!)

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