Improve How You Talk To People Forever By Being Yourself

Improve How You Talk To People Forever

This video will teach you how to just be yourself and be loved for it.

While filming some other videos, Jonny Dupre and I sat down and started discussing charisma.

This is the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody ever talks about in front of the camera.

Well fortunately cameras were there and we started them rolling, started the conversation over, and are releasing it to the world in the hopes that it answers questions you didn’t even know you had about charisma, leading a charismatic life, and so much more.

Take notes on this one. It’ll change how you talk to people forever.

Just a sampling of all of the wonderful things discussed:

Just be yourself is misunderstood advice…and here’s why

– A quick tip for taming your chattering monkey mind that will make you more charismatic

– How to avoid a classic rookie mistake in conversation… and build connections fast

– What advantage speaking the truth gives you

– How vulnerability is a measurement of courage and what to do about your own

– Is being playful the fastest way to develop your social skills? The experts weigh in.

– Why the mantra “Don’t react, respond” is the key to your own success

– Understanding why risk taking is sexy

Avoiding the perils of polite society so you’re not trapped by it

– Why leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.

– The important difference between being polite and having good manners. One will doom you, the other will create your destiny.

– How to create connections by overcoming the “economy of movement” (…both yours and theirs!)

– One way to radically redefine rejection so that you never feel the sting again

– How being curious makes you more charismatic!

– How curiosity and persistence are the antidote to anxiety and rejection

Zen mind, beginner’s mind… what’s the difference? Which one do you want?

– Your past can be a library of useful experiences for future conversations that will propel you toward success

The big insight to living a charismatic life…

– Why neuroscience says there’s no such thing as bad emotions, just negative responses

– Want to be one-in-a-million? Express your emotions!

– The simple magic of turning water into champagne (being the son of god not required)

A wonderful question to ask yourself and improve your life…

– Are there different types of charisma? Does it have to be a formula?

– What the biggest problem in the self development industry is today.

– How to pat your own back

– The importance of always looking for the win in everything you do, especially the “failures” that will come to help you

BEWARE! This dangerous word creates false evidence to beat yourself up with

– An example of how to shoot yourself in the foot before you open your mouth

– The reason why engaging conversations often look pretty boring to outside observers

– How to invite material into your mind and life so that your beliefs are changed for the better

Being yourself when you don’t know who you are? You’re not the only one! Let’s get towards fixing it.

Four powerful ways to write a really amazing story for your life

Attachment vs. detachment (hint: both are extremes) and why they are dangerous

Unattached vs. non-attached (hint: both offer degrees of freedom) and how to strive for them

– How to avoid the misery trap of (inadvertently) picking up other people’s pain

– Understanding the ripple effect of ancestral psychology

– How to just be yourself whilst developing your skills

– Why are most self development students unable to get the same results as their teachers? What does YCC do different that helps get results?

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