How To Boost Your Self-Esteem (Part Three)

In episode nine, and the third and final part of my mini-series on ‘Boosting Self-Esteem’, I’m going to share with you more hands-on tips that you can use to make yourself feel great.

But let’s recap: Why is self-esteem so important?

When you have a really great level of self-esteem you’ll find starting conversations with people and being the life and soul of the party much more enjoyable and natural. You’ll also find any feelings of social anxiety you once had soon vanish, and that you radiate a sense of confidence and certainty with everything you do.

In this video, we cover 5 more incredible ways of boosting self-esteem quickly. These are:

  • Being Grateful
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Championing A Cause
  • Volunteering Your Time
  • Building Stuff

Lets look at these in more detail…

11) Being Grateful

First up, it really helps to think about the things that you really appreciate in life. Why? Because thinking about these things instantly makes you feel better about yourself. I find that one of the best ways to do this is to grab a pen and paper and make a list (or if you have 5 months, making a video!).

When you’re doing this, try not to censor yourself at all; there are bound to be some weird or random things you think of. But whenever you’re feeling down, remember that you can look back to this list and remind yourself of all the things you truly love about life.

12) Taking Responsibility

It’s time for us to take back responsibility. In this day and age, we are rarely ever made to feel responsible for our actions, and I think this is one of the biggest things holding us back from feeling great about ourselves. Taking responsibility for ourselves, our environment, and the people around us is a crucial part of building our self-esteem and empowering ourselves.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So find some things you can improve in your environment or for those around you, and make a conscious effort to follow through on doing so.

13) Champion A Cause

I encourage you to find something you believe in and to do something to help stand up for it.

Why is this so great for building your self-esteem? Because whenever you choose to fight for a cause, you are inevitably going to come up against people who disagree with you. Whilst this might sound like a bad thing, it’s not as it gives you the opportunity to express your opinions and win people around to your own way of thinking.

You’re also likely to meet new like-minded people who you will have an instant connection with – which is evidently another great way of boosting self-esteem!

14) Volunteer Your Time

Time is the most valuable asset we possess, and so when we choose to help causes we are passionate about, it’s certain we are going to feel great about ourselves.

Not only is doing this another great way to meet like-minded people to become friends with, but by doing so, you are going to give yourself access to a whole new world of possibility and opportunity. In the video, you saw the type of work I like to get involved with, and by doing this for projects you really care about, you are always go away feeling that you made a bit of a difference.

15) Build Stuff

Building things allows you to take control of your reality and leave your mark on the world.

We all need an outlet for our creativity and this is one of the best ways I know of. As I really want to leave a legacy of what I’m doing, I personally choose to dedicate a lot of my time towards developing my online coaching business. Most of what I’m building is online. but even though it might intangible, I still get the same sense of satisfaction from creating something.

So find a project to really throw yourself into, and even though it might seem like a lot of extra work, it really is going to be worth it in the long run.

Here are the 5 bullet points recapping everything we’ve covered:

  • Be Grateful For The Things You Love In Life
  • Take Responsibility For Your Actions
  • Champion A Cause You’re Passionate About
  • Volunteer Your Time For A Great Cause
  • Build Stuff Or Start A New Project

I really hope these three videos (NB. Don’t forget to check out ‘Part 1’ here, and ‘Part 2’ here) can serve as a guide for you in boosting your self-esteem.

Remember: action is everything, and so be sure go away and put these steps into practice. Then you’ll be ready for episode ten, where you’ll learn the secrets of using your body language to create a powerful with others…

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