How To Develop Charisma

Hello and welcome to the very first episode locked in The Vault. My name is Marcus (your timely host!) and on behalf of the team at Your Charisma Coach, I want to welcome you to our site, and in particular, this treasure trove you’ve stumbled upon.

We’re going to start by laying the foundations to your new charismatic self by tackling the fundamental idea of what charisma is, as well as breaking down exactly what you need to do to get it!

So Without Further Ado…

  • Attitude
  • Spontaneity
  • Charm
  • Connection

Charisma is often thought of as a compelling attractiveness or charm that certain people seem to possess, causing them to have this kind of magnetism that we can’t quite describe. Until now, no one has ever really broken it down for us or given us a roadmap for becoming more charismatic ourselves. But guess what – you’re in luck because I’ve spent the last ten years of my life doing just that!

And what I’ve found is that in order for you to develop charisma, there are four key components that you need to exemplify…

1. Attitude

By attitude what I really mean is just generally being a really nice, warm person who is always willing to do nice things for other people. Just knowing that I have the power to go up to anyone and really make their day, just gives me a really warm feeling that I cherish.

2. Spontaneity

A shared characteristic among charismatic people is that they are all spontaneous; they seize any opportunity in front of them and they tend to be extroverted. This is something that was a real challenge to me, as growing up I always veered towards being more introverted rather than making an effort to be the life and soul of the party. Being spontaneous is all about taking risks and exploring your personality. As such, spontaneity is going to be a big focus of the site as it really is one of the cornerstones needed to develop charisma.

3. Charm

Being charming is a lot easier than you might think. In my opinion, it’s all about forgiving people that might have messed something up, whilst also rewarding them with sincere, warm-hearted compliments. Similar to having a great attitude, being charming is genuinely rewarding, as again it really just makes the days of those around you.

4. Connection

Connecting with people is all about building a bond and rapport with them. Again, this is just putting in that little extra effort in conversation which 99% of people don’t do, and what you’ll find is that by going that extra inch, people really open up out of their shell and communicate with you on a whole other level.

So there you have it, the four fundamental components needed to develop charisma. There are several more elements…but you have enough to get started, so I’ll save that for another time! I hope you enjoyed this introduction, and that you’ve gotten a taste of what lies ahead. I really want you to see the real, live results, so all of these videos here are 100% authentic, natural and filmed in one take.

I look forward to seeing you on episode two, where we’ll take the next step in our journey towards developing charisma.

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