How To Find Your Life Purpose In 2014

It’s January –  the time when we make promises to be better and happier. And what’s the best way to achieve this? To find your passion!

So if your resolution for 2014 is to find your purpose in life, then this episode has arrived just in time.

Alex Markham is an expert who helps people find their life’s calling.

So what is ‘passion’ and how do we find it?

“Passion” often means finding your purpose, and purpose leads to finding your passion. It is the answer to the “Why am I here?” question humans always ask.

It is also a key ingredient to charisma.

What it comes down to is knowing yourself, because people who know who they are (or are in a process of getting to know themselves) give off powerful vibes of purpose and strength.

How Can We Find Our Passion?

Fortunately for us, Alex has given a step-by-step method to helping you find your passion.

Step 1: Brainstorm

You won’t discover your passion in one go, so take the pressure off yourself. Just release it. Done? Good.  Finding our passions is a PROCESS which means a continuous filtering of options and answers. So go ahead and get a pen and paper. List ALL the things that you have an interest in, things that make you happy and things you excel in.

List everything and don’t censor yourself.

This brainstorm allows you to be a kid again and evoke anything you enjoy doing, letting you know it is OK to just be yourself and rediscover enjoyment in life.

Step 2: Which ideas stand out?

This is the part where you refine your ideas. So, what aspects would you like to improve in your life? What has caused you pain and you want to move away from?

For example, if you’re tired of monotonous cubicle work and have always loved writing, then maybe there’s a freelance job in that. Moving away from pain and towards pleasure is crucial in finding your passion.

The ideas which really stand out are going to be the ones which connect strongest with you. These are the ones you need to focus on.

Step 3: Which activities make you ‘Flow’?

So you’ve highlighted things which bring you the most joy.  Now you must focus on the emotions they evoke. What are the qualities of those activities which make your happy? For example, you may love soccer but a professional career may not be feasible. However, what is it about the sport which makes you feel alive? Maybe it’s the excitement or the physical exercise. Perhaps you originally wrote down soccer but maybe being a fitness trainer or soccer coach will evoke those same emotions.

To help you along, think about when you’ve been at your peak, totally immersed in your work to the point where you look at the clock and don’t realise how much time has elapsed.

These moments are when you are in your ‘flow’. Let these activities give you clues towards finding your passion.

Another helpful tool is to ask yourself questions. Who do you admire? Who are your idols? What do you like about them? And how can you emulate them?

Step 4: Refine and prioritise

Get the top ten ideas that you want to try and prioritise the ones which you connect best with.

Step 5: Take Action!

You will never know if you can sustain your dream job until you try it for yourself. Find groups that do what you want to do. Websites like or are perfect platforms for this. Ask someone who already works in the chosen field or take a short course in your area of interest.

Experiences help you find your passion, so try to have as many experiences which guide you in the right direction. Ultimately, you are looking for something which you could do without feeling it’s a chore.

Passions evolve. Sometimes they take a new direction or change. Don’t be afraid to explore new things. It IS a process and it does take time.

Finally, don’t forget that passions are infectious. When you are passionate, you are filled with energy which will inspire others to realise the possibility of generating an income and making a lasting impact on the world.

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