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Episode 1

How To Develop Charisma

Welcome to Your Charisma Coach! Learn what charisma is, how to tighten your conversation skills, light up every room you walk into and increase your confidence!

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Episode 2

How To Start A Conversation In The Street

Starting a conversation with someone you've never met can be daunting prospect! I'm going to teach you how I do it on a bust London Street!

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Episode 3

Conversation Skills In A Bar

Here’s a recording I did back on St. Patrick’s Day. I ended up in a bar and decided that it would be a good place to try out the techniques I like to teach.

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Episode 4

Small-Talk In Starbucks

Most people dread the idea of starting a conversation in a closed environment like a coffeehouse, but it’s not so hard. Here’s how I do it and make new friends!

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Episode 5

Control Your Reality With Positive Thinking

Here’s a REAL-LIFE demonstration of a technique I use to change my emotional state when everything goes wrong. You’re not going to believe what happened!

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Episode 6

Overcoming The Fear Of Social Anxiety

Have you ever felt awkward when starting a conversation? Click below to learn how to enjoy a conversation without worrying about the impression you’re making.

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Episode 7

How To Boost Your Self-Esteem (Part One)

Boosting your self-esteem can be simple and straightforward. Here are five activities that will increase your self-esteem. More activities to follow!

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Episode 8

How To Boost Your Self-Esteem (Part Two)

Here are five additional self-esteem building activities that offer practical ways to feel good about yourself, enjoy life and move towards social freedom!

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Episode 9

How To Boost Your Self-Esteem (Part Three)

Self-esteem is an essential component of your personality. Here are five final activities that relate to a feeling of confidence that radiates from within you.

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Episode 10

How To Develop The Charisma Of Bill Clinton

You don't have to be Bill Clinton to develop charisma! You're about to learn a simple technique that'll allow you to schmooze like Clinton.

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Episode 11

No Friends? How To Make More Friends!

No friends? Don’t worry! I’m going to show you how to meet new people in your local park, start a fun conversation and make more friends from scratch!

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Episode 12

How To Approach A Group

Learn how you can approach a group of people and then easily make friends with them! Talking to a group of people in the daytime is an advanced skill that will allow you to build your social circle from scratch.

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Episode 13

How To Network With A Forbes Billionaire

Why do some people always seem to get all the lucky breaks? In this video, you’re going to learn how to connect with all the right people from scratch!

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Episode 14

Get Presence: How To Take Centre Stage In Any Room

In this interview, charisma coach Jonny Dupré shares some great advice on how you can develop your presence and steal the limelight when you walk into a room.

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Episode 15

The Persuasive Power Of Positive Emotions

In this video, I introduce some festive Christmas cheer to influence the moods of other people and learn why some conversations with strangers always succeed.

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Episode 16

Jedi Persuasion Techniques With NLP Expert Rintu Basu

Popular author and NLP expert Rintu Basu explains how to become a smooth talker and quickly gain the upper hand in any argument using NLP language patterns.

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Episode 17

How To Enter And Leave A Stage To Thunderous Applause

The next time you have to deliver a speech, or give a presentation, these powerful stage presence tips will teach you how to win over audiences every time.

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Episode 18

The Zen Of Overcoming Fear (And Bungee Jumping)

In this video you’ll learn how to confront your fears – from anxiety to talking to people to nail-biting phobias – and accelerate your growth as a person!

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Episode 19

The World’s Most Rejection-Proof Opening Line?

You’ll learn how to start a conversation with anyone and to maximum effect, using a simple icebreaker that’ll work in almost any situation! Give it a try!

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Episode 20

How To Become Talkative And Destroy Approach Anxiety

Learning how to be more talkative while destroying approach anxiety is tough. Or is it?! Here’s a fun exercise to help you to talk to anybody, anywhere!

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Episode 21

How To Keep A Conversation Going Smoothly (Part One)

You'll discover a technique that will teach you how to keep a conversation going, even with a stranger! Never run of things to say again!

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Episode 22

How To Keep A Conversation Going Smoothly (Part Two)

Here’s an example of how to keep a conversation going with a stranger! Also, learn how to develop your conversation skills an effortless and charismatic way.

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Episode 23

How To Write And Deliver A Funny Best Man Speech

Need to give a funny best man speech? In this video, I’ll show you how to write and present a speech that makes your audience laugh at their pants off!

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Episode 24

Learn To Connect With People Fast

Here’s a full explanation and live demonstration of the power of active listening: a rapport building technique that will help you to connect with people fast!

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Episode 25

How To Be More Outgoing (Even In The Face Of Technology)

Is modern technology making us anti-social? You’ll learn how to be more outgoing & make friends: Even if means being more distracting than their iPhone!

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Episode 26

What Is Charisma? Mystery Solved On Live TV

Charisma is an elusive and enigmatic quality: all too easy to spot but difficult to define. See my live on air reveal the exact secret of what charisma is!

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Episode 27

Igor Ledochowski: Build Instant Rapport With Anyone In 5 Minutes

In this video acclaimed master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski shares a powerful, instant rapport building technique that will get even total strangers to open up!

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Episode 28

Frame Control: The Big Secret To Starting Fun Conversations

This handy video will show you how to learn the art of “Frame Control” and some other basic concepts to get you started with nothing more than... a banana!

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Episode 29

How To Be An Extrovert (When You’re A Secret Introvert)

Learn the secrets to transforming yourself from an introvert to an extrovert so you can speak to new people and be social, even when you don’t feel in the mood!

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Episode 30

Introverted Guy Turns The Dullest Conversation Into A Party Invite

Learn how to start conversations when you don’t feel like it! Here’s how an introverted conversation can lead to a party invitation with three fun girls!

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Episode 31

How To Find Your Life Purpose In 2014

Can’t find your life purpose? This video will show you how to find it so that you can live a passionate life. All you need is patience, courage and a pen!

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Episode 32

How To Be Happy Even When Disaster Strikes

Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have a positive mental attitude. Here’s how to cultivate a positive attitude – even when disaster strikes!

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Episode 33

How To Rescue A Dying Conversation... Even When You Say Something Stupid

Ever told a joke that backfires or made a social gaffe? You’ll know how awful it can be then. Fortunately, there is hope: This video will show you how to do it!

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